Frequently Asked
    • How much does it cost?

      All of our leads are currently priced at $35 per lead when you choose to accept them. 

    • Are there any upfront fees or monthly membership fees?

      Absolutely not!  You only pay for the leads that you choose to accept - period.

    • What types of leads do you offer?

      Concrete / Asphalt
      Pest Control
      Garage Door

    • How many categories can I sign up for?

      You can sign up and receive free lead notifications for as many lead categories that you have expertise in.  

    • What if I service multiple locations?

      You can add as many service locations as you want anywhere within the USA.  We match leads to you by category and a service area radius you choose around specific zip codes.

    • Where do our leads come from?

      All of our leads are generated by placing our category specific sites on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and MSN search engines.  You can see the exact sites by going to our homepage and looking at the bottom of the page.  We are Google and Bing certified and are experts in marketing to serious homeowners who are in need of your services.

    • How many other contractors will I be competing with?

      We only sell a lead to a maximum of 3 member contractors.  Most other companies will sell a lead 4-6 times and we think that just isn't fair.  We sincerely want you to succeed with our leads and keep coming back for more.

    • How do you distribute your lead notifications?

      When a lead comes in, we match it to all of the contractors that are accepting that category of lead and that is within their service area. We then notify all matching contractors via SMS text simultaneously.  It is important to act fast because there may be 10 or more contractors that we notify, however only the first 3 to accept will be able to purchase the lead.   Our system is first come first served and if you try to buy the lead but are notified that it is sold out, it means that 3 other contractors got there first.  That's why we call it FastContractorLeads.

    • How do I get notified of new leads?

      Our preferred method of delivering leads is via SMS text messages to your smartphone.  It is the most reliable and fastest way to get leads to you.  Within your account settings you can choose hours that you do not want to receive texts from us.   We can send leads via email only, and you can choose to set this within your account settings, however with spam filters and email delays, we do not suggest it.

    • What happens when I "Accept" a lead?

      If it is your first lead and you have not already set up your billing, you will be asked to provide your credit card information to pay for it.  Once you have purchased your first lead, your credit card will remain on file so future leads can be purchased with two taps on your smartphone.  Within seconds of your accepted payment, your smartphone will unlock the customers full contact info and you can tap the "Call" button to call the customer.  This can all happen within seconds of the homeowner making a request, and the faster you can get to them, the more impressed your customers will be!

    • What happens when I "Decline" a lead?

      We will put that lead in your declined leads area.  If the lead has not been sold to 3 contractors within 48 hours you can choose to purchase them at a discounted rate.  This can be a great way to get a second chance at leads you may still be able to close.  You should check your declined leads folder regularly to see what's still available.

    • Do you offer any guarantees?

      With FastContractorLeads you will never pay for a disconnected phone number or for getting the wrong person - Guaranteed! In the rare event that you do need a credit for a lead, you must do so within 48 hours of your purchase, and it MUST be requested through your online account with a reasonable explanation.  We cannot guarantee that every lead will turn into a customer, however because we only sell to a maximum of 3 contractors, you will certainly have a better closing rate than with our competitiors.

    • How do I know these won't be a waste of my time?

      First off, you are never forced to buy a lead.  If after pre-viewing the lead and it looks like it could be a customer you would like to work with, buy the lead. If the lead doesn't look like one you want for whatever reason, simply decline it.  Your salesmanship and closing skills are ultimately what determine your profit.

    • How do I contact

      We have created this FAQ to cover most common questions, however we realize we may have missed something. You can contact our support team by emailing us at: customerservice (at)  We will respond to your queston within 24 hours.  As a matter of efficiency and simplicity, we do not offer phone support.  

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