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Are Deer a Problem in Your Neighborhood?

Even in some of the best neighborhoods, deer can be a problem. They can ruin your garden, become a road hazard, and, ultimately, make it feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. One may think that building a fence is the best way to keep these otherwise seemingly shy and timid animals at bay.

If that thought went through your mind, you’d be right. However, did you know that whitetail deer, the most common species of deer in the United States have been recorded with jumps as high as 15 feet? That means that not just any fence will do.

Instead of building a fence and expecting the deer to stay at bay, take a quick look at their behavior patterns. These animals do not like going places where there are unknown variables at play. If they cannot have an easy path for escape, they won’t feel comfortable in your yard. Furthermore, they’re much less likely to enter a fenced area to begin with – even more good news for you.

Experts will tell you that you need a fence height of 6 to 8 feet However, that’s not true – you can make do with a much shorter fence without losing its effectiveness.

One trick is to make sure that your fence slats are tightly spaced together. It makes it difficult to see inside the yard and the deer will not jump over because they will fear that a predator may be on the other side.

Another common secret is to allow the deer to see through the fence to a somewhat cluttered yard with planters and other objects. As the deer is forced to look through the fence to see the other side, they will be deterred because they will fear that the area is too crowded. They will not be comfortable jumping into your yard. Once again, it goes back to the escape route.

One common trick that is catching on across the country is using a double fence. What you do is install a fence that is 4 feet high and then surround that one with another fence that is about 4 feet high, with 2 to 3 feet space between the two fences. The deer will look at the space in between the two fences and fear that they will become trapped in the space between the two fences. Just make sure that the space is large enough to allow you to maintain it with a lawnmower and other landscaping tools.

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