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Choosing the Right Materials: Flooring

When choosing a flooring type for your new home, or renovations, it is important to choose the material that is right for your situation. Depending on the type or room you are installing a new floor in, and your price range, your ideal choice may vary. To help readers out, we have put together this list of the top five best flooring choices:

1. Hardwood

Synonymous with classy homes, hardwood flooring remains one of the most popular choices for flooring. The combination of durability and beauty is what makes this material such a beloved flooring choice. Given the many types of wood available, you can choose the perfect kind to compliment your home. Out of the most popular choices, we recommend Cherry, Oak, Pine, Maple, Pecan, Beech, Birch, Walnut or Hickory. Hardwood flooring, with wear resistant surfaces, will be strong enough to last for many, many years. If you want the best choice for flooring in your home, hardwood is the clear choice. However, any high-moisture area – like bathrooms - should avoid hardwood flooring, out of concerns for water damage.

2. Ceramic

A particularly versatile flooring type, ceramic is a great alternative to some of the more common and traditional flooring types. With matte, embossed, textured, and glazed finishes, there are a ton of different ceramic stylings to choose from. Ceramic tends to be waterproofed, so it is perfect for bathrooms and other high-moisture areas. Additionally, scratches and other damages are normally easy to hide, due to the composition of the tile. However, one large drawback of this otherwise great material is that the grout lines can be frustrating to keep clean.

3. Bamboo

A recently popular flooring type, bamboo is an environmentally conscious choice. Given its cheap cost, bamboo is also highly economical. With so many dye types to choose from, you can get bamboo in all sorts of class, and natural colors, such as light tan, and honey brown. However, when exposed to sunlight, bamboo has the misfortune of fading over time. To ensure you do not end up with faded flooring, bamboo is best installed in areas of your home that see little to no exposure to daily sunlight. Although somewhat frustrating to install on your own, bamboo flooring is simple for professional contractors to place. If you want to ensure your flooring is put down properly, always consult a professional.

4. Marble

When going the tile route, marble flooring is one the most durable and versatile options available. Whether you are looking to cover floors, hallways, or bathrooms, marble flooring can look classy, and suit your needs perfectly. Since the tiles are easily maintained, and simple to replace, you will not have to re-floor the entire area they are located in in case of spills or other frustrating incidents. What makes this material even more versatile is the amount of colors marble is available in. Simply decide on a color, location, and look, and you can have your marble flooring installed in no time.

5. Laminate

If you want an affordable flooring type that still looks incredible, laminate flooring is the way to go. Easy to maintain due to its strength, cleaning your laminate flooring is as simple as semi-frequent mopping and polishing. For high-traffic areas in your home, laminate provides a cheap and quick solution, which can be easily kept up, and replaced with ease if necessary. However, if you are thinking of installing the material in a high-moisture area, you will need to purchase special laminate types. Given the boost in the popularity of the material in the past few years, laminate can also make your home highly stylish.

For help finding the best flooring contractor in your area, get in touch with the team at Fast Contractor Leads. Once you get ahold of us, we will set up a free consultation to help you discover which flooring type is ideal for your home. 

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