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Preparing Your Landscape for Warmer Months

Summer is coming up very soon! It has been a cold winter, so your yard might not look quite as you imagined it. Maybe your shrubs need some trimming, maybe some of your plants didn't make it through the winter, or maybe you just want some new mulch on your flower beds. You know what that means. You need a landscaper!

The beginning of the summer is the perfect time to do some landscaping. The grass is green, everything is in full bloom, and you can easily tear away at what has died in the cold months of the winter and early spring. Don't fret over plants that froze during the cold months. It's not your fault, and they can be replaced with beautiful, blooming flowers. This also means that you can have some fun experimenting and buying some new plants!

Putting new mulch over old, faded mulch is also a good idea and will make your flower beds stand out. After the winter, most old mulch has sunk into flower beds and will be easy to cover up with a nice new color. You can experiment with mulch colors and set a color scheme for your whole yard.

Don't forget about your grass! Grass takes the biggest hit during the cold months, as it turns yellow and brown. Weeds also grow, especially around flower beds and even through mulch. You can use chemicals to get your grass to be as green as you like, or, if you're the organic type, you can naturally, gradually make your grass greener day by day. Don't forget to mow it!

You also may want to trim back tall, bushy trees that make your yard look cluttered. Don't get too carries away with the sheers, just trim back enough to give your yard that clean, polished look.

So, take advantage of this time of year and decide what you want your yard to look like! It will look just like you pictured it in a matter of days. 

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